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Crappy Real Estate For Sale

Ok, so maybe housing prices aren’t rising as quickly as they once were, but you still have to pay a lot to live in a piece of crap here in L.A. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a bargain. It may not be habitable, but it’s cheap! Take, for instance, a few lovely abodes listed on Craigslist. pointed out to us on America’s Overvalued Real Estate. Our first palace speaks for itself (photo above). This house is described as “cute,” which we think in realtor talk means “shitty.” Retail price for this Boyle Heights charmer: $365,000.

Our next find may look a bit nicer, but the quarters are a bit tight (photo above). And by tight we mean 375 square feet. Total. The advantage of this house: you can probably cook and shit in the same room! We’re not sure how this house could be more than one room, but it’s purported to have a “bedroom,” which in realtor talk probably means “bedroom suite that includes kitchen, bathroom, and living room.” We got to this after it had been removed from Craigslist, so we’re not too sure how accurate it is. But we just couldn’t help ourselves! Purported retail price for this mansion: $389,000.
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