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NoHo Knockdowns

Though it’s called the NoHo Arts District, nearby neighborhoods are becoming less “artsy” and more “condo-y.” According to a post from Here in Van Nuys, the building boom in North Hollywood is resulting in many of the classic and historic bungalows on and around La Maida Street being razed to make room for everyone’s favorite saccharine and ubiquitous stucco condo buildings. At least with all of this new housing stock, all of those artists flocking to NoHo will be able to find a new apartment with all of the latest amenities.

The developers, of course, can’t take of all of the blame; the City rezoned much of the area long ago for multifamily housing and has done little to preserve the historical character of the neighborhood. The biggest loss to the neighborhood will be, of course, a bungalow that Carol Burnett once rented. That’s some real history.
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