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Art Doesn't Come Cheap

And neither do art schools. As part of its aggressive expansion plan for the LA Unified School District (some might argue a good half century overdue), the LA Board of Education approved plans for a $208 million visual and performing arts high school near downtown, on Sunset and Grand. With escalating construction costs, the price tag for the new school is double what was orignally projected, with $35 million already spent to clear the site. Obviously, a seven building campus with a 950-person theater, rehearsal rooms and art studios doesn't come cheap. No word yet on whether Thom Mayne will take this one on, after working on the Science Center School in West Adams, the International Elementary School in Long Beach, and Diamond Ranch High School in Pomona. Then again, we already have plenty of Mayne (and Gehry) downtown. Maybe its time to give someone else a shot? Meier, we're looking at you.
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