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Rumblings & Bumblings: Back in time

[We're doing something different this week to give our researchers some much needed r&r. Since we started R&B we've had several questions that have unfortunately gone unanswered. We're reposting a few now with the hope that one of our newer readers will be able to add some insight into these long forgotten queries.]

1) West Hollywood: "Sunset Millenium continues to sit there. What's going on? Anyone know." No takers last time, let's see if anyone can give us all an update.

2) West Hollywood: "Do you happen to know what business, etc is going to be opening at the corner of Santa Monica & Westbourne in West Hollywood?"

3) Santa Monica: This question from Valentine's Day got no love. "What's being built on the south side of the 3100 block of Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica? It used to be Hornberg Cars but the new building looks like it could be a Walgreens."

4) Downtown: This is actually a question from us. As we sat and chewed on our burgers at Cafe 101 over the weekend, one of us asked, "Does downtown have rent control?" Followed shortly by, "Hey, isn't that the dude from CSI Miami?" Followed by, "I don't know. I don't watch that." Followed by, "Ummm. Neither do I." Maybe one of you downtowners can answer our question.

We hope to be back next week. Please send your questions and any responses you may have to us at Thanks.