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OC Freeway Call Box Extinction

To those of you who say nothing happens in the OC, we say, “You’re sort of wrong!” Indeed, if you’re driving on the 5 in Anaheim, your car breaks down, and you don’t have a mobile phone, the OC Transportation Authority says, “Tough s**t!” Over the next several months, the OCTA plans to remove a substantial number of those trusty call boxes that have become fixtures on freeways and tollways. They’re betting that you have a mobile phone so that you can call AAA in a panic from the comfort of your own broken down car and not place the call on the public dime. And where will all of that saved money be spent? It will go to funding a fleet of tow trucks that will come tow your broken down car in the instance that you don’t have a mobile phone to call a tow truck and there’s no call box nearby. Happy driving.
· Number of Call Boxes to be Reduced [OC Register]
[Photo credit: Bruce Chambers, The OC Register]