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Beverly Hilton Sending Vic Back to Polynesia

Following a tip from LA Observed, the Beverly Hilton may be following suit and getting a facelift. According to a story in the LA Business Journal , the owner of the hotel, Benny Alagem, plans to raze a chunk of the property to make way for the ever-popular luxury condo development. If there’s one thing that Beverly Hills is short on, it is luxury residences, so let’s prematurely applaud his innovation.

Alagem would build two 13-story buildings containing 96 condominiums, a 104-unit, 15-story condo hotel and 96 hotel rooms in two 3-story structures. In order to make way for these “luxury residences,” much of the hotel’s structure will be getting dumped like the nearby residents’ first wives. Plans included the demolition of Trader Vic’s Restaurant and Bar, the executive conference center, the Oasis Court, and the parking garage. Beverly Hills grey-hairs and those wanting to wear tropical-inspired attire to dinner will, of course, be devastated by the loss of Trader Vic’s. Drunken celebrities and their equally drunken hangers-on may have to scramble to find another venue for the Golden Globes, or they may have one less opportunity to self-congratulate.
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