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BataliWatch 06: More Mozza, Less Latte

An update on the long, hard road to Mario Batali's planned Los Angeles restaurant, including a name change and a new opening date, buried deep towards the end of the LA Times article on Batali's empire:

And in the meantime, he has his sight set firmly on Los Angeles. He says he aims for the restaurant to open the second week of June, now that construction is underway. The name is changed — what was initially going to be called Latte — Trattoria del'Latte and Pizzeria del'Latte — is now to be called Mozza (as in mozzarella) — Trattoria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza. And though Batali and Bastianich are partners, he says it'll really be Silverton's place.

Still, it'll be fascinating to see whether L.A. falls in love with the chef in shorts and orange clogs.

In a fairly fickle city, the holy trinity of Batali, Bastianich and Silverton is the closest you can come to a sure thing.

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