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Something Happens in Mar Vista #001

We knew sooner or later we'd find a story out of Mar Vista worth mentioning. The Argonaut reports on the burning issue of signage at bus stops.

The Mar Vista Community Council has recommended that the proposed installation of bus shelters bearing advertisements at various locations in the community be limited to commercial corridors.

Viacom Decaux, LLC has proposed to install bus shelters and other street furniture, such as free-standing public service information kiosks, on sidewalks throughout the City of Los Angeles under a street furniture contract signed with the city in 2002.
Committee members said the primarily residential neighborhoods are not suitable locations for the bus shelters, but that commercial corridors, such as Venice Boulevard, are potentially "ideal locations."

This and other interesting facts in our new feature "Something Happens in Mar Vista."
· Mar Vista: Community Council wants bus shelters with ads restricted to business areas [The Argonaut]