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Overpriced Living #002

We didn’t win that Megamillions jackpot this week, but we’re back to scanning Craigslist for the most expensive rental of the week. This week’s winner is a Malibu beach house for $18,000 per month, but that one didn’t have a picture. Now we’re not marketers, but we can’t imagine that people scanning Craigslist are jumping to rent a house for that much without any pictures. Anyway, our runner up is another Malibu house for a paltry $16,500 per month. This “Monteray” Spanish Colonial has all the amenities that you’d expect from such a home, including a water slide and a “koi pand.” Unfortunately, our listing agent has not told us who this home is “perfect for,” so we are unable to decide whether this home would suit our fantasy needs.
· Best Private Living in all of LA! [Craigslist]