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The Green, The Blue, and the Red? PDC Gets a New Building. Maybe

(Studio AMD via LA Times)

So it took 30 years but the Pacific Design Center is finally fully leased and ready to move forward with a third building, intended from the beginning but never developed. And apparently architect Cesar Pelli and developer Charles S. Cohen like their primary colors: in addition to the PDC's current green and blue "sideways skyscrapers," they're adding a red one. However, the PDC can only hold so many furniture showrooms, so this one will be office space.

According to Christopher Hawthorne, the addition of a third building is a watershed moment for LA architecture, as we move from solitary landmarks to "ensemble architecture." Add this (possible) expansion of the PDC to Gehry's Grand Ave project, the new Getty Villa, and Renzo Piano's LACMA project, and you get a bunch of architecture projects that are all adjacent to previous standalone structures.

Our only quibble with the review: kind of a stretch to argue that the PDC is moving from private to public space with a new (internal courtyard) and more offices. Its still a hulking behemoth that would make Jane Jacobs cringe, best seen from the hills above than the street below. Oh well, at least we like the pretty, pretty colors.
A Colorful New Toy For the City [LA Times]