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L.A.: As Rich As It Seems

Sometimes, when we walk into a crowded coffee shop in the middle of a weekday, we wonder, “where do all of these aspiring writers/actors/models/hangers-on get enough money to live their extravagant lives when they have no semblance of a real job?” If they’re LA or OC natives, it’s probably from mommy and daddy. According to a recent survey by TNS Financial Services, Southern California has many mommies and daddies who are millionaires, probably more than anywhere else in the world. In fact, LA County has more millionaires than any other county in the country, 262,800 millionaires to be exact. The OC ranks a close third. And primary homes aren’t even used in the calculation, so all of those million dollar shacks don’t count. How do these millionaires stay so rich? By making sure the poor don’t get any of it! One of the millionaires’ least important goals, according to the survey: charitable giving.
· Survey: LA County Home To 262,800 Millionaires [NBC4]