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New Zillow Competitor Has Less Cool Name

Our brother sites were first to pounce (and pounce they did, here and here) on the news that there is some kind of new fangled web tool in beta stages set to challenge Zillow in the category of data porn., a real estate information web site, is now offering a Google mash-up type of feature similar to Zillow. However, as reported on the TechCruch web site, the tool "is in beta on a hidden URL:" The big plus side to this tool is supposed to be an increased level of accuracy in determining the value of your home thanks to some adjustable "property factors" that let you customize your home. TechCrunch testers offered varying opinions, from:

"At first glance, I’m impressed with the accuracy of the results. ABC produced much better figures for my neighborhood than zillow did." to: "I love this site. My house is valued $1.5M too high, can I sell it? And one up the street is valued at $1M less than they just paid. Zillow has the right number for both houses. Not very accurate in the Boston area. Zillow has an adjust value feature too." While neither Zillow or the RealEstateABC tool is completely accurate, we tend to prefer Zillow at this point, only because it seems to have a friendly interface that soothes us, while RealEstateABC seems a bit clinical - harsh and uncaring, like a jilted French lover. That's our take.
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