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Tuesday Morning Linkage

(Mel Melcon / LAT)

If you build it, will they come? And where to build it? These are the questions plaguing executives at the Golden Baseball League expansion team, who are currently looking for open, flat land to build a stadium in Santa Clarita. But with the population booming in that suburb, finding 20 acres to build the field and accompanying parking, has proven to be a challenge. Which is a shame, because there are few things greater than watching over-the-hill former baseball players battle it out while you drink $3 beer.
Expansion Team Dreams of Field [LA Times]

The LA Downtown News has begun a series on downtown parking, or the apparent lack thereof. With the residential boom, the parking issue is becoming more pressing. Now the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is looking at the issue and proposing a few common sense recommendations such as posting better signage and transferring parking control to come of the BIDs down there. Baby steps, we guess. And the problem is only going to get worse as development begins on the Grand Ave Development project, which Brady Westwater examines in his blog, LA Cowboy.
Trying to Solve the Parking Puzzle [LA Downtown News]
Grand Avenue, Parks - and Parking! [LA Cowboy]

If you can't afford a Gehry home, maybe you can buy a Gehry-designed, diamond-encrusted brooch. Of course, at $750,000 for "a striking white gold mesh collar scattered with diamonds and pearls," you might be better off springing for that house instead.
Now On Sale: The Gehry Collection [LA Times]