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Restored Mid Century Modern - HURRY!!!

Bloody hell, we've been trying to post this listing for minutes on end but our blogger software keeps timing out. Curses! Drats! Time is running out to view this 1966 mid-century modern, recently renovated property in Glassel Park. The listing boasts "amazing curb appeal." We can verify that. Curbed editors were driving around Mt. Washington one day, as we like to do, and came across this house which was undergoing some landscaping and exterior facade work. It was quite a site to behold and we swerved wildly, drunken with mid-century modern curb appeal. The house is being shown today from 10am to 1pm - yeah, we know we suck... but show up at 1:05 with a top hat and wad of cash in hand and see if they turn you away.
Address: 1443 El Paso Dr Los Angeles, CA 90065-4327 Retail Price: $979,000
· Glassel Park, CA Picture Perfect Restored Mid-Century Modern []
· 1443 El Paso Dr Los Angeles, CA 90065-4327 [MLS]