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CA Boom 3: Home Tour and Oddities Therein

Our favorite thing about CA Boom was the house tour. Since we are considered “media,” we got to go for free and pretend like were professional journalists photographing and contemplating these 6 architecturally significant homes in Venice. Now if you are going to show your home to hundreds of strangers, you probably want it to look as pristine as possible with all of the details set perfectly. You'd be wrong if you lived in one of the houses (see photo below). Our favorite moment was when we walked into that house, only to see the cords from their flat screen TV hanging down to the components on a make-shift table. All of this was next to the slip cover couch. Maybe college chic is in!

We also couldn’t help noticing that something was going on with the beds in several of the houses. You know when you see beds in historical museums from 200 years ago? That’s what was going on here (see photos below). Short beds with no frame and covered in some weird quilt. Apparently they’re all the rage among modernists. Or the owners of these homes are just midgets. Or maybe they just like sleeping in antiquity.

Anyway, we left the home tour happy to have seen some very cool houses with innovative architecture (see photos below) and slightly annoyed by a guy with a bad dye job.