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CA Boom 3: Attendee Feedback

So what is everyone else saying about CA Boom 3? A reader emails in her reaction - a little too doggie and kiddie fanciful for her tastes:

Who let the crafts in?
Yes, we love to shop, but for next year to tighten the focus of the show, I'd like to suggest a minimum weight requirement for anything that could fall under the heading of "crafts." For example, solid Brazilian maple CD holder that takes two men to lift? Bring it on! Dining room table constructed without a single nail? You're in. Recycled soda bottle holster purse? Conversation-starter earrings? I'm sorry, try the MOCA store further down Main Street. Dog and Baby Shame
Was it just me, or did you experience a twinge of liberal shame at the upscale, ergonomically and aesthetically (if not politically) correct dog and baby furnishings? It just felt so Santa Monica, this idea that our good taste must extend to every member of the family, and so conspicuously. Yes, Rex and Sophie and Max have sensitivities to primary-colored plastic choke hazards, but I couldn't help thinking that the products were designed more for the smug self-satisfaction of the parent-consumer than the dog/baby. (Yes, I am a spinster with no pets. So sue me if I don't like spit-up or dog hairs on my Eames chair.)

From Land + Living: "Some first impressions for this year: it seems a bit more crowded, fewer frills but overall seems better organized, a solid line up of homes for the first day tour, and a somewhat expanded exhibition area. There is a good vibe this year as things seem to settle in... as they say, third time is the charm. "
· CA Boom 3 Day One [Land + Living] From "Perennial productdose favorites, Bottega Montana... were back at CA Boom this year, showing off some new products and excited about the public’s ever-growing interest in the company’s incomparable brand of woodwork. Of particular interest were the company’s new range of mini skateboards (pictured right), which transition the beautiful, rich decks launched last year into a more mobile version."
· CA Boom 3: Bottega Montana [Product]