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Monday Afternoon Linkage

Speaking of other news, the other major event scheduled for this weekend was the Downtown BID's Housing/Loft Tour on Saturday. Uhh, that didn't happen because of the other major (and we mean major) event that took place on Downtown streets. If you haven't heard about the 500,000 people protesting Downtown against the immigration reform bill, you should check it out. It was good stuff.
· Making their voices heard [LA Times]

In the Oaks blogger and running/measuring enthusiast, Zach Behrens, has done the unthinkable. Not content with the answers City Officials were giving him, he took a measuring stick and measured the entire length of the running paths and track in Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Park. He finds the length totals 5 kilometers. LA City Nerd comments that the actual name of the park is Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks War Memorial Park.
· Running Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Park [In the Oaks]

An update to one of those stories we discussed awhile ago, Federal officials in D.C. have taken an interest in the discrimination complaints against Craigslist. The complaints state that users advertising homes/apartments for rent who make preference statements in their listing as to race, gender, children/no children are breaking the law, which means Craigslist is breaking the law. However, lawyerly people say Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 2004 may provide some cover to Craigslist. The provision "provides broad protection for Internet forums that post ads and opinions submitted by their users." Yay, Craigslist!
· Housing-Bias Suit Against Craigslist May Have Wide Impact [LA Times]