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Not a Lecture at Not a Cornfield

We're breaking our unwritten rule of no event postings (we typically leave that in the fine hands of LAist and others) for the second time today. With only two more friday night events at the Not a Cornfield project (aka artist Lauren Bon's attempt to thrust herself into the realm of Smithson , Heizer, and Christo) thought this one was worth mentioning:

Friday Nights @ Not A Cornfield
James Rojas, Michael Dear, Lane Barden, Alan Loomis, David Fletcher
"Possible Futures for Downtown Los Angeles"

FRIDAY, March 24, 2006 / 7:30pm What possible futures exist for a sustainable downtown Los Angeles? For nearly half a century downtown Los Angeles was virtually abandoned as a place to both live and work. In recent years however, some urban renewal plans have come to fruition, and many more are being considered - bringing life back to the urban core. Using the Not a Cornfield project site and the surrounding areas including the Los Angeles River as contextual anchors, four urban thinkers and planners will discuss these issues, offering a few possible and probable futures to look forward to.
Not a Cornfield Official Web Site