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Sold! Brad and Jen's House Sold To No One Famous

After two price reduction from the original asking price of $28 million, Brad and Jen's Wallace Neff house is apparently in escrow for the bargain price of just $22.5 million. With the owners apparently eager to sell their former love nest compound so Brad could get back to adopting/fathering babies throughout the world and Jen could get back to, um, hanging out with Vince Vaughn, they reduced the price first to about $25 million before settling for a measly $22.5 million, reaping them less than $10 million in profit from the $13.5 million they paid for the house in the halcyon days of 2001.

Info on the buyer is slim: reports he's "from a foreign country and not a celebrity." And in the cruel world of celebrity real estate, that means he might as well be a truck driver from Peoria.
Brad and Jen's House - In Escrow [ via Defamer]