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Best Chance for a Manohla Dargis Sighting

If you're like us, you find Manohla Dargis' film reviews in the New York Times witty, smart and sharp. And while she abandoned the LA Times for the greener pastures of the Grey Lady, she stuck around our city. And now she digs her heels a little deeper into LA, or rather, her husband does, as he opens a new wine bar and restaurant in the semi-no-man's land of Melrose and Vine, just a few blocks from our upcoming Batali restaurant. And that's not the only Batali reference we'll make. Apparently, Lou will also be serving artisinal salumi from Mario's dad, but curing his own bacon. And to go with all that pork, 25 wines poured by the glass, and plenty of organic ones to choose from. Through in a chance to chat with Manohla about the oppressive self-importance of the Wachowski brothers and we're totally there.