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Still Paying a Lot for a Little

Once again, we find that real estate continues to be a bargain in Los Angeles. According to the California Association of Realtors, they are still making way too much money for the same amount of work the median price of a home in L.A. County rose again in February to over a half of a million. The median home in L.A. County can now be acquired for a reasonable $565,600.

If you find yourself to be one of those “destitute” would-be homeowners who can’t quite afford the median, you can still get a real dump dream home for just below the median. Take, for instance, the lovely abode pictured above. This Studio City mansion is an ample 636 square feet on a sprawling .04 acre lot. If you knock it down, you could build yourself another shoebox, though it’s probably not even permitted, as the listing indicates. At least tending to the garden would be easy work. Retail price for your own speck of heaven: $499,000.
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