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Rumblings & Bumblings: Updates! And! Questions!

Image of colorful building in the AV via Atwater Village Newbie

First, thanks for sending in your questions again for another week. We'll answer them with the help of our friends out in Internet land. Second, an R&B reader/contributor has good news about his fight against mcmansions, which he'd like to share:

"Regarding my neighborhoods attempt to pressure [Councilman] Jack Weiss to do something to save us from the McMansions that are taking over, I got the following information about a segment that my neighbor was interviewed for that you might find interesting for your blog: "Today a reporter interviewed me for a story on McMansions for ABC World News. Reporters in other parts of the country are doing similar interviews. The McMansions story is currently slated for this coming Wednesday on ABC World News Tonight. If you want to check it out, it should be broadcast locally by KABC, Channel 7, at 6:30 PM. Here's hoping the story runs and presents our views effectively."

Excellent! Thanks reader, and your neighbor too. And thirdly we have an update: UPDATE: Downtown: Regarding that SCI-Arc question from last week, a SCI-Arc student emails us this response. "Most versions of the SCI_Arc debacle have Eric Owen Moss looking quite the fool. That's far from the case. The going theory amongst most students is that the lawsuit was screwed up on purpose, making SCI_Arc the perfect underdog that everyone can get behind -because SCI_Arc would need EVERYONE on their side to get a free ride on the GrandAvenue project:" Thats f'ing brilliant.

Now, on to this week's questions...

1) Atwater Village: From a new blogger and Atwater Village resident we get this: "What's going on with the colorful building at the corner of Glendale Blvd. and Glenhurst Avenue, anyone? The bars are coming off the window and men are taking hammers to the outer walls adjacent to the newly-fenced-in parking lot. Might be a nice place for a Trader Joe's (hint, hint)."

2) Silver Lake Adjacent: Poor siting of a school? Never! "What in God's name were they thinking by building a public school at the three-way intersection of Temple, Beverly, and Virgil? Not only is it an inconvenient and unsafe place for students, but it's windowless cinderblock. Did anyone do a traffic study? Any way you guys could photograph this?"

3) Los Angeles: Code monkeys please answer this question. "The new Oak tree ordinance says it eliminates minimal lot size provision for effected parcels. What are the effected parcels?"

Please send your answers in emails to us at We'll copy and paste your answer into our blog software making it magically appear on the internets for peoples to read.