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Burbank's Bid for Hipness

Much like the high school nerd sitting two tables away from the popular kids in the lunchroom, Burbank is eager to prove it can hang with the cool kids. Step 1: Shake off the legacy of being Johnny Carson's perpetual punching bag. Step 2: Attract those landmarks of urbane sophistication: Coldstone Creamery and Chipotle Grill. Step 3: Residential investment in live/work lofts and luxury condos. Step 4: Kick out the local sports bar and open an "East-coast style speakeasy." From the guy who brought The Well and Daddy's to Hollywood, Bar 21 opens today. Sure, we know Craig Trager excels at bars with lots of low lighting and big leather banquettes, but if he builds it in Burbank, will the Chipotle-eating, Coldstone-licking masses follow?
'Beautiful downtown' Gets Hip New Hangout [LA Daily News]