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The "Black Greenwich Village"

For those of you who think LA ends below the 10, the Washington Post (!) offers us a tour of Leimert Park in South LA. Dubbed the "black Greenwich Village" by its (current) most famous resident, John Singleton, the area is experiencing a cultural and social revitalization of sorts, after recovering from damage in the '92 riots and '94 earthquake. And if visions of drive-by's in lowriders swim in your head if someone mentions South LA, think again. Instead of hip-hop, think blues and jazz. Think political activism, mom-and-pop shops, and aspiring artists. A tight-knit community still unsullied by the Gaps and Starbucks of the world? Sounds like heaven to us. Oh yeah, lest you think Leimert Park is still "undiscovered" housing prices have tripled in the past decade, with median prices now just shy of a half mil.
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