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The CW's Big Decision

The newest entry into the television network market, The CW (name subject to change), is doing a bit of house hunting of sorts as it tries to find a space for its headquarters. The battle to land the network , its dubious lineup, and its precious tax dollars is heating up between LA and Valley cities in a Smackdown style brawl (description subject to exaggeration).

Many Valley leaders see the Burbank corridor as a prime spot, particularly since the two parent companies are already nearby - Warner Bros. is in Burbank while CBS is relocating much of its brass to nearby Studio City.

But Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's team is working to secure a home for the network Los Angeles city limits, so L.A. could benefit from tax revenues and boast about the job offerings.

"We are definitely interested in keeping the combined operation in a Los Angeles location. We are working on that,"' said Robert "Bud" Ovrom, Villaraigosa's deputy mayor for economic development, who as Burbank's former city manager was instrumental in creating that city's media center.

For its part the CW is eyeballing three potential locations for its headquarters: Mid Wilshire, Burbank and Century City. A decision is exected in the next 4 to 6 weeks.
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