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Lighted Snowman Can't Be Left Out All Year

We all hate that guy down the street who is so damn lazy that he still hasn’t taken down his f-ing Christmas lights by March. Well, it’s so annoying to the city of Bellflower has decided that it is a public nuisance. The City Council tentatively voted Monday to limit exterior holiday decorations to November 15 – January 31; anything outside of this period is verboten. The law doesn’t just penalize those lazy residents who are conducting a 5-month long celebration of the birth of the sweet baby Jesus. The law applies equally to those who have a lighted turkey, a Menorah, or even a Kwanzorah in their front lawns.

Totally unrelated, but odd nonetheless, the Bellflower City Council also voted to phase out compact parking spaces. So while most cities are trying to encourage consumers to purchase more fuel efficient cars, Bellflower has, in essence, decided to do the opposite. We’re guessing that there aren’t too many pressing issues in Bellflower right now.
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