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OC Gets Less Snooty Real Estate Blogging

Yes, we're still wounded that the Morning Eye called our reporting on the OC real estate market "snooty." What's so snooty about not knowing where the City of Orange is located on a map? We're tired of people confusing our dullardness for snootiness. We digress though, because more importantly The OC Register has launched its own real estate blog called "Lansner on real estate" written by bearded columnist Jonathan Lansner. Here's a snippet from yesterday:

Another day. Another O.C. builder talking about serious buyer inertia.

William Lyon Homes from Newport Beach, which sells primarily in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, on Wednesday gave investors this snapshot of shoppers' skittishness and downright buyer's remorse:

"Orders have declined for the first eight weeks of 2006 by 31% over the comparable period in 2005. Cancellation rates have increased in this period in 2006 to 26% from 12% in the comparable period in 2005. The Company is also seeing increases in its standing and unsold completed inventory in 2006 as compared to 2005."

Trust this blogger, Lyon is not alone ...

We look forward to reading more and getting edumucated about all things Orange County. Wiggedy, wiggedy.
· New blog devoted to O.C. real estate [Morning Eye]