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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Yee-Ha! That's Ma Dang Courtyard

1) Koreatown: A reader asks about the MaDang Plaza proposed for Wilshire and Western in Koreatown (pictured above). We looked around the back alleys of the internet to find some answers. Apparently, the project is actually known as "MaDang: The Courtyard" and as you can see here, it has it's own Web site. The complex will include a CGV Cinema which will feature Korean movies with English subtitles or English movies with Korean subtitles; plus your standard koi pond and bamboo grove. The lease agreement on the site lists a lease occupancy date of May 2007. We're guessing that's around the time it's scheduled to be completed.

2) Mid-Wilshire: An insider emails us info about the proposed redevelopment around Fairfax & Wilshire. "There is an approved map to build 20 condos over retail on the block where Galladoro was and the other restaurant is. The one restaurant has been closed for years but brings in some good cash through filming/location fees.

The map was just approved in December and currently the developer has pulled permits to do methane mitigation (not uncommon in this area of LA, methane and sulfur-dioxide, how fun)."

3) Silver Lake/Los Feliz: We get no definative answers to the readers questions, but we do get this: "Not really an answer (and don't you just hate that?) but a bit of know-it-all-ism: I think he means Kaiser, not Cedars, and that is definitely not the last "large business with the parking lot out front" in the central core; there's the huge bi-level Home Depot/Ralphs development between Wilshire and 6th Street east of Alvarado, for instance. What I think is actually happening is that the big box concept that was developed in the suburbs and over the last ten years has been migrating into the older cities. I think they've even shoe-horned something of the kind into Manhattan, haven't they?"

4) Los Feliz: From a past R & B answer, we learned that the corner of Franklin and Hillhurst is supposedly going to be occupied by a Bank of America. We haven't seen anything happen at the site in awhile, so who knows what the delay is. Maybe design issues.

Thanks for the emails - answers and questions! We look forward to doing this again next week, so please feel free to email your questions to We'll do our best to respond.