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Brea Revitalized By Lofts

When at first you don't succeed, try try again - with lofts. The City of Brea (in the OC) is trying to redo what we can only imagine (having never seen it first hand) is a blighted, strip-mall and auto-repair shop laden South Brea Boulevard. The 47-unit loft development, known at South Brea Lofts, will be located on the former site of a strip mall and is part of the ongoing push to spruce up the area. Via the OC Register:

[Brea] Mayor Roy Moore said the lofts, which will be developed by CWI Developers Inc., will set the trend for the rest of the street, south of Imperial Highway – to the north, redevelopment went much larger with the Brea Downtown. “I think this project will establish the direction of South Brea Boulevard, so I’m quite positive,” he said. “I have good vibes about CWI because they’ve taken a lot of interest in the neighborhood.”

The area's redevelopment has also garnered interest from bigger developers including CIM and The Olson Company. Construction on the lofts is scheduled to begin this month with completion a year away.
· Groundbreaking for South Brea Lofts kicks off area re-do [OC Register]