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Using Small Spaces Wisely

We Make Money Not Art has a delightful interview with Oliver Hess of Materials & Applications which we've been trying to focus on to read but the BC/Pacific game is so, so close and we have BC going to the Final Four. We digress though, because Mr. Hess is the gent, along with partner Jenna Didier and other team members, that came up with the Maximilian's Shell public art piece (pictured above) in 2005. Occupying a paved but empty lot in Silver Lake, M&A has used a very limited space (their courtyard) to present some really inspired pieces of art and architecture, which should inspire us all. From the interview Mr. Hess explains the reasoning behind Materials & Applications:

M&A is also a social experience, right? Yes, everything we organise has some social undertone. We always try to get as many people as possible involved so that they can also share the experience. M&A is non-profit and we're helped by volunteers.

We have a "Cradle To Cradle" approach. We try to push a social agenda in a very mild way. M&A is about reforming the consideration of design, architecture and space. How the space is used, how it is appreciated. Anyone can participate to that.

We encourgae you to read the rest of the interview which is much better than BC pulling off the win in Double OT. The M&A space is located at 1619 Silver Lake Boulevard. A new exhibit titled Here There Be Monsters opens today.
· Interview of Oliver Hess - Materials & Applications [We Make Money Not Art]
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