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Curbed LA: Opening Our Mailbag

This week we open our mailbag to find updates, corrections, and oh yes, hate mail. Just to keep you all on your toes, we may soon be opening comments to the public which we hope will result in expletive filled flame wars ruining this site forever and sending us to early retirement. Thanks.

Subject: Anonymous Please
Just to reassure you all, we don't print your name unless you absolutely insist we do. This tipster states: "EVO Towers is forming an interest list. Part of the build out of South Park.
Can you say vertigo." We included a nice floor plan of an Evo unit above.

Subject: 27 Stories - La Brea & Wilshire
A reader provides a correction to a story we reported on last week about a mixed-use project at the north east corner of Wilshire and La Brea: "In spite of what the Larchmont Chronicle and others have said, it's the southeast corner. The northeast corner is the deco tower (samsung ((old asahi)) tower)... project description mentions the grace methodist church which is the s.e. corner."

Subject: Hancock Park / HPOZ
The same post gets more comments but focuses on the unhappiness over a new synagogue in the area: "I just read the blurb on the blog. If you want some good, juicy "Jerry Springer" type of info on this subject, check out last week's front page story in the Jewish Journal.

The article details a 10 year fight between orthodox jews and non-jews in the area over a newly built synagogue. The HPOZ fight in Hancock park has been raging on for years."

Subject: Koreatown article
Our post from months and months ago about an article on Koreatown in the New York Times, and reprinted in the Seoul Times, made it into the hands of a reader who found our take "condescending and mocking." Sounds about right: "I wanted to email you regarding your little take (and apparent dig) at Koreatown. As a Korean American, I found it smacking of racist overtones. I'm in Koreatown almost every other week and I've never met a Thai prostitute or sang to Hall & Oates tunes. Which begs the question: Have you ever been to Koreatown? If you have, I doubt it's more then a superficial excursions to Brass Monkey or HMS Bounty.

The white flight out of midwilshire has been going on for awhile and the Koreans have had nothing to do with it. When the old insurance companies that used office space in midwilshire move to glitzier offices in Century City, Burbank, etc. (and take their jobs with them), you can't blame the Koreans for filling in the vacuum. If they didn't, it would be just another little Tijuana that have taken over entire swaths of southern and eastern LA.

With that realization, I'd be more appreciative then condescending and mocking in your tone." Little Tijuana! Little Tijuana!? If only you had a blog, sir, where we could email you about your condescending tone... it's all good. We'll try not to be racist anymore.