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Rumblings & Bumblings: Ugly In Beverly Hills

[Thanks for all of the interesting questions this week. We start however, with a couple of updates on past R&B answers. ]

Update 1. Downtown/City West: In regards to the Vista Hermosa project we mentioned in a past Rumblings & Bumblings (Item 7), a tipster says, "I have a great view of the Vista Hermosa campus in City West. Grading has started in earnest this week with 5-6 large earthmoving equipment moved in and scraping dirt." Good to know that project is finally moving along.

Update 2. Sherman Oaks: The project at Dixie Canyon and Ventura that one of our infallible sources mentioned earlier (Item 2) as being built atop Maria's Restaurant, is actually not. A reader says, "...remember the Sherman Oaks project you mentioned a while back- somebody thought it involved Maria's Restaurant. Actually it's a major development to the West- on the site of the old Barones' Restaurant."

Now, for the new questions:

1) Beverly Hills: Ugliness in the 90210 zip code? Hard to believe, but a reader says it exists. "I have wondered for years why on earth does the city of beverly hills leave the entrance to their city via santa monica blvd, traveling west from west hollywood, such a mess? it's one of the most famous cities in the world known for luxury and class, and one of the main gateways is an ugly pile of chain link fence, broken glass and old, cracked pavement. have they never considered spiffing it up a bit?" We hope someone from BH will answer.

2) Downtown: We haven't heard anything on this in awhile, so we hope someone knows something. "I was just wondering what is going to happen to SCI-Arc. I know that it lost the court case. Will the developers build something on that land and kick Sci-Arc out?"

3) Beverly Hills Adj.: First off, what is the name of the neighborhood east of La Cienega across from the Beverly Center? Second, a reader asks, "I would love to know what happened to Noura's Cafe on Melrose just east of La Cienega. It was a great restaurant that had been there for 30 years and then one day there was yellow tape at the door and closed. Then three months later there is now a sign about some kind of development. This restaurant was a fantastic place to eat..... Another great loss for Hell A. "

4) West Hollywood: A question about a parking lot, "...they just closed another public parking lot on Hancock and Santa Monica Blvd across from the Coffee Bean as well as they are digging up the street so there is no parking on Hancock now. It says that the parking lot will be under construction from March 8, 2006 to July 2007..... Why?????"

5) Los Angeles: A question we were reluctant to post because it's such a good way to find parking. "I don't have parking at my apartment, and like many people in Los Angeles, I receive tickets on a regular basis. My question is this: I heard that you can park in a loading zone between 6pm and 8am. Is this true?"

6) The Air Above Los Angeles: An easy question we believe, but we'll post to see if anyone has any horrible gossip about a blimp. "It is not a piece of land in our great city that inspires my question. But instead what flies over this city.... what is the deal with that funny, colorful, Keith Harring-ish blimp? Is it an advertising thingy or what?"

Your answers or additional questions, as always to See you Thursday.