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Friday Morning Linkage

There's never a dull day in West Hollywood. Our little Amsterdam on Santa Monica continues to be one of the most progressive cities in the state in regards to marijuana and general gayness. The WeHo City Council approved an ordinance that would "direct the WeHo Sheriff’s Department to make arrests for personal use of marijuana its lowest enforcement priority." The ordinance is designed to formalize a policy that was previously in place and is an attempt to preempt an expensive City ballot measure that would have accomplished the same thing.
· City Heads Off Pot Initiative [WEHO News]

Fullerton is getting re-urban planned. The Fullerton Redevelopment Agency plan's to turn the City's Historic Downtown into a pedestrian and bike friendly place, with new plazas, open space, parking and an alley network. The City also proposes to develop underutilized parcels near the Fox Theater, which is presently under going renovation. Public hearings on the proposed redevelopment start in March. All NIMBY's welcome.
· The New Shape of Downtown Fullerton [The Hornet]

If you thought you didn't know Palms before, then just wait for five to ten years and you won't even be able to recognize what you never even knew. Or so goes our thinking. The Palms Neighborhood Council was confronted this month with a proposed 85 unit apartment development on Motor Avenue that threatens to put a lot of "upscale" housing in the mostly affordable neighborhood. Palms Assembly Representative Member Alejandro Soschin said he is worried that "change and modernization" will come "at the cost of displacing some of our residents who have grown up here and whose leaving would be a big shock." That's right young'uns, it's time to leave Palms and head for the Big City. The development will be discussed at another NC committee, and then probably referred to another committee.
· Motor Ave. mixed-use development proposal brings forth a concern about affordable housing [The Palms–Village Sun]

Oh, irony. How we love thee. A portion of Main Street was shut down yesterday to allow the Mayor to make formal announcement of Gloria Jeff as the new head of LA's Transportation Department. The 10 minute closure of Main Street was blamed not on the news conference, but on demonstrators from the architects and engineers union spilling into the street. Gloria Jeff comes from Michigan and will be tasked with solving LA's congestion issues. She supports more mass transit and better ways to move freight around the city. Snap-happy Councilman Tom LaBonge was also at the press conference taking pictures.
· Traffic Detoured as City Touts Its New Traffic Czar [LA Times]