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J.H. Snyder Cares About You

Wednesday, we talked about the New York Times giving some gentle wet smooches to the CIM Group for their wonderful developments in Hollywood. Not to be out done, LA City Beat gets a little kissy (with some tongue action) with J.H. Snyder Company in a story on the new NoHo Commons development. NoHo Commons, we learn, is garnering community support for the extra steps J.H. Snyder has taken to pursue community outreach and enter into a Community Benefit Plan to include affordable housing and provide living wage.

“The success of these agreements are based largely on the good-faith of all parties involved, and this developer deserves a lot of credit for being honest and up front with the community,” says Roxana Tynan, director of accountable development at the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE), which has been a key player in negotiations for the NoHo Commons CB, as well as six others throughout the county. “[J.H. Snyder] really cares about community building – it’s not just rhetorical.” Cliff Goldstein, a senior partner at J.H. Snyder Co., says the company often works in urban areas to “help them turn the corner” and revitalize. CBs, he says, also make perfect business sense. “There are plenty of ways to make money in real estate if you want to take a different approach, but we can tell future clients to refer to our past projects to see what we can do for a community.”

God Bless you J.H. Snyder.
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