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Deep Fried Rental Cars

The next time you have out of town visitors, you can really let them know how “wacky” L.A. life is when they rent a car. As we learned on Metroblogging LA today, visitors and residents alike can now rent biodiesel cars from Bio-Beetle Eco rental cars. This vegetable-oil-as-fuel pushing enterprise started on Maui about 3 years ago and just expanded to the L.A. market. Customers of this new car rental experience may have a little trouble finding a gas station in that last minute panic to return the car full since there is only one biodiesel fuel station in L.A. But with a range of 400-800 miles per tank, that shouldn’t be too big of a problem. And the icing on the cake: the exhaust smells like doughnuts. So while the rest of us are burning with anger and sucking in noxious fumes as the freeway halts inexplicably, the biodiesel driver can imagine that she is riding in a Krispy Kreme chariot. Mmmmmm… doughnuts.
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