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No F'ing Way

Despite our two hour commute on the 101 this morning, we do have some positive news to report in regards to traffic. The Daily News is reporting that LA intersections will soon be upgraded to allow for protected left turns. We know this may frighten many of you who have become used to dodging oncoming cars as you make your lefts or those of you who wait until the light is red and all traffic has stopped thereby allowing you safe passage. This is truly a revolution in Los Angeles traffic management.

"Every single day we have someone who wants a left-hand turn signal," said City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel, who chairs the council's Transportation Committee, which discussed the plan Wednesday. "One of the biggest complaints we have is people say, 'How come we don't have a left-turn signal?'"

John Fisher, assistant general manager of the Department of Transportation, said the city's signal system was built in the 1950s, when left-turn arrows weren't considered standard as they are now.

Over the years, the city has installed left arrows at 32 percent of the approaches to major intersections. The four-year program is expected to double that number.

The program will cost about $8 million dollars, or about $72,000 per intersection. It's so worth it.
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