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Planning to Keep the Gays

In case you were concerned, West Hollywood is still a gay destination; it is not merely a coincidence that hordes of men in tight tops congregate near Santa Monica and Robertson nightly. Apparently there is some perception to the contrary, at least according to the West Hollywood Planning Commission. The WeHo News reports that the Planning Commission recently unveiled its Westside Specific Plan, which, among other aims, seeks to address this issue of a perceived change in West Hollywood’s identity as a gay and lesbian destination.

The proposed Westside Specific Plan would include commercially-zoned parcels along Santa Monica Boulevard from Olive to Doheny, Melrose Avenue west of San Vicente Boulevard, and the triangle west of Robertson Boulevard between Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue. This area includes the Metro (formerly MTA) Division 7 Facility at San Vicente Boulevard and adjacent Sheriff's station. This area is well known as a gay and lesbian destination and for numerous businesses serving the LGBT community. While considered by many to be the heart of the gay community in Southern California, there are limited offerings for lesbians and older gay men, and a perception among some that other areas in Southern California are gaining in popularity for younger gay men.

Without the gays, what’s a city to do?
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