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Curbed LA: Opening Our Mailbag

In the day to day comings and goings of our blogging we get emails. Today we open our mailbag to post some of those emails that don't necessarily require a post of their own or fit in Rumblings & Bumblings, nevertheless, we still value them.

Subject: Ok folks, about that Micheltorena issue you have.
A reader emails in: "The name of the street is Micheltorena - not Michel Torina - The street is named after Governor Manuel Micheltorena and it is pronounced Mitch - el - torena not Michael - torena. The ch is pronounced the same way you pronounce it in churros. " We're not sure where we made the error in our pronunciation or spelling, but that's a point well taken.

Subject: Opening Links.
After complimenting our site, the reader gets to the meat of his email: "Hey, editor... I have a beef with your site, but it's minor and completely subjective: how about a target="_blank" in the href in your links?... Perhaps this has already come up in the past and resoundingly smacked down, but I really don't want to loose track of you because of an interesting link. I guess if you are tracking or getting paid for click-throughs, that's another matter which I can understand.

It won't stop me from visiting to your site (the pics are really good, too), but I thought I'd toss in my two cents." We'll think about working on this.

Subject: Highland Park Albertsons
A reader emails in regarding our continuing series on the market crisis in H. Park: "While I doubt Whole Foods would venture into Highland Park, your readers in Montecito Heights and Mt. Washington can take some comfort in a new store under construction just up the 110 freeway in southwest Pasadena, on Arroyo Parkway between California & Del Mar. This is being built on the site formerly occupied by Discount Tire and will be one of Whole Foods' large format "flagship" stores. It is one block away from the Gold Line Del Mar Station. It beats driving to Glendale. "

Pasadena Whole Foods Market (picture below)
Arroyo Pkwy & Bellevue - Pasadena, CA
76,770 sq. ft.
Opening date to be announced.

More mailbag fun later on...