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Buena Vista Lofts Redux

The developer of the Buena Vista Lofts in Boyle Heights contacted us with some updated information on the project. His words are better than ours:

The former Linda Vista Hospital closed 12 years ago, and was originally
known as
the Santa Fe Railroad Hospital. It was built for the employees of the
railroad. Last moth, the site became a National Historic Landmark. It was quite
an accomplishment
to have this wonderful building sited as a landmark, after being
rejected 3 or 4 times prior
over the past year.

The main hospital building will be converted into 151 live / work condo
units, primarily workforce housing.
We will have other units available directly adjacent to the main
hospital st. Newly constructed units on Chicago and 6th St..
There will be 58 additional units on these off site properties.

The prices of these units are affordable by virtue of the fact that they
are planned to be priced below the median home price of a house
in the area. This is a project for those that want grass under their
feet vs living in a converted warehouse with an astro turf deck on the roof.

Your piece was very complimentary indeed, but this will not be a luxury
condo project, nor will it resemble the Ritz Carlton.
It will however have a university campus feel with all the green space,
water features, and lush landscaping, and directly
across the street from the historic Hollenbeck Park.

Is this the first loft redevelopment project in L.A. NOT to use the word "luxury"? This truly is historic.