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Rumblings and Bumblings: Empty Lots and Open Fists

If you forgot how this works, we post questions from your curious neighbors about development issues around the City. You, the well-informed insider or know-it-all neighbor, respond with a brief synopsis of what you know. Everyone goes away happy on Thursday when we post the answers. Email us at

1) Mar Vista: A resident of the MV queries, "What is going on with Mar Vista? It seems to be forgotten on the westside. I hear that Venice Blvd is going to undergo a huge facelift between Centinela and Sawtelle...can you let us know what you know?"

2) Hollywood: A reader wants to know "the skinny on the plans for the space formerly known as the Open Fist Theater (plus adjoining Grant Parking lots). Condos and retail, according to the last seen public notice, but when? And who? Most importantly, how tall?"

3) Mid-Wilshire: "...on the south side of Wilshire between Tremaine and Longwood, a condo complex started being built about 2 years ago. Suddenly construction stopped after the subterranean garage was built because, reportedly, permits were disregarded by the developers. Now, the lot's been sitting empty for about 18 months with shitty looking tarp atop a crappy fence surrounding the property and a dirt path along the street instead of a sidewalk. How can the city allow such eyesores? And what's happening with the project?"

4) Mid-Wilshire: The reader with the question above has a second question. "There are two empty, grass-covered lots on the northeast and northwest corners of Rimpau and Wilshire. Similiarly, there's an empty lot at the northeast corner of Wilshire and Irving/Crenshaw. How in the heck could such seemingly prime parcels of land sit unused in such an increasingly dense area? One is used as a pumpkin/xmas tree lot each year, but I can't believe that's the most profitable use of the land."

A Last Minute Add:
5) Pasadena: Following up on the recent post about H&M coming to the Southland, a reader asks "Where precisely on Colorado Blvd will the rumored H&M store be?"