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Monday Morning Linkage

Despite our contention that the Orange Line doubles our commute time to the West Valley, a story in the Daily News says that a study has actually found that 85 percent of riders believe the Orange Line was faster than their previous method of commute. And nearly 20 percent of the riders on the Orange Line are new to public transit. We say the Orange Line lies and is trying to drive us crazy. We're not giving up our car.
· Busway proving fruitful [Daily News]

Curbed LA is a big proponent of boba. We put boba in everything - coffee, smoothies, ice tea, wine and bourbon. Now the Asians have dropped another tasty bomb on us with the introduction of Konjac. UC Irvine students have discovered the flavorful gellatin treat being served at the Bin Bin Konjac bar 10 minutes from campus. Konjac derived from tasty konnyaku roots grown only in tasty Japan and tasty China is said to aid in weight loss and bowel movements. That's something we can get behind.
· Move Aside Boba, Konjac is in Town [New University]

Pieces to the waterfront development puzzle in San Pedro continue to fall into place. The newest addition to the plan is a glitzy Bellagio-style water fountain show that will mix lights, music, and high pressure water shooting into the air. The fountain will welcome motorists exiting the 110 Freeway at Harbor into the proposed 8-mile long promenade along the San Pedro waterfront. Now we can't wait to go to San Pedro!
· Las Vegas-style lights will greet San Pedro visitors [Daily Breeze]

The Melendrez Group has recently completed a new master plan for Griffith Park. The Planning Report spoke with Lauren Melendrez about the plan for the park. There's a lot on environmental sustainabilty issues and usability of the park. And although everyone seems to hate the idea, we're completely in favor of the proposed sky tram thingy that will zip people around the mountainous park. One thing we're glad we didn't hear was mention of the park being divided into themed areas, a la Disneyland. That's just dumb.
· Melendrez Group Creates Comprehensive Master Plan for Managing & Maintaining Griffith Park [The Planning Report]