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Pink's Gets Green on eBay

From the LottaLiving Forum, Eric Lynxwiler finds an entrepreunerial sort of fellow selling stolen/or easily replicated menus from Pink's Hot Dog Stand on eBay. This would hardly be news, except the jack ass is auctioning the laminated menus with a starting bid of $52.86. What makes these menus so special?

This is an AUTHENTIC menu from the famous Pink's Hot Dogs located in Hollywood, California(United States). Pink's is the most famous hot dog stand in America. I've laminated the menu for preservation. Celebrities such as Jay Leno, Denzel Washington, Diana Ross, Bill Cosby, Martha Stewart, Rosie O'Donnell, Bette Midler and Pamela Anderson(to name a few) stop by at Pink's all the time. It is rumoured that Bruce Willis proposed marriage to Demi Moore at Pink's in 1987... I personally live 15 minutes from Pink's. I go there every weekend to enjoy their delicious "Chicago Polish Dog" and to hang out with the celebrities.

Still a little hesitant to invest in this piece of foodie history? Have no fear, the seller's name is honestjohn99. That's right, he's been honest since at least 1999.
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