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Hot, Hot, Hot in the 562

Long Beach was once thought to be the lone city in Southern California that still had “affordable” ocean front property. No more. The Long Beach Press-Telegram reports that the Long Beach condo renaissance has priced out many people seeking to have a glimpse of the port ocean. This is good news for nearby San Pedro, which, it turns out, is probably the last “affordable” ocean front community in Southern California and is getting a few of its own gentry.

San Pedro is undergoing an urban renaissance akin to downtown Long Beach's revitalization, with an arts district, cafes, restaurants and retailers starting to open in downtown.
A new ocean front condo project plans to open in about 2 years. With prices starting at about $300,000, these places are attracting the ex-Long Beachers. And why not? You still get a port ocean view for about $200,000 less.
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