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Is There A Market in H. Park?

We'e been getting a lot of emails on the Albertson's that's closing in Highland Park, which is great, because on days like today when we're hung over, our job of providing content gets so much easier. WooHoo! Free content for everyone!

Hey Curbed, I'd like to sound off on this Highland Park Albertson's debate. I moved into Montecito Heights a year ago and I get it that it is an area of have and have nots. There should be and there are plenty of discount stores and markets that service cost-conscious shoppers, I take advantage of them myself. But you can't find organic milk in a Food For Less, or free range chicken, or grain products that are not genetically modified. If the more affluent residents in the neighbohood want these things then why can't those services be provided as well. The Albertson's on Figueroa wasn't great, the one in Los Feliz, where I used to shop is 10 times better. Perhaps that's why it didn't get a lot of customers. I feel that there is plenty of potential in the Montecito Heights, Mt. Washington, Highland Park area. It will realize this potential if it continues to attract people who are willing to spend money in the neighborhood. Give them something to buy, encourage them to stay. The closest Whole Foods store is in Glendale so adding one on Figueroa would attract people from Silverlake and Los Feliz as well as Highland Park. It makes good business sense.

Build it and they will come, that's what I say.

Excellent point. We've also had some readers email in saying that the area's demographics can't handle a Whole Foods or Bristol Farms. This of course led us to a GoogleMaps hack/mashup to understand the neighborhood demos. Obviously the population is there, and since 2000 maybe the demographics have changed and don't reflect the total influx of wealthy, soy milk drinking, free range chicken loving people. Hopefully we'll hear a definitve answer about the market situation soon.
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