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Green Parking

The abundance of surface parking lots downtown has sparked the imagination of a USC Architecture student, who sees an urban oasis where cracked pavement and underutilized space now do little more than take up space in the off-business hours.

My research is on finding temporary alternative program possibilities that could make use of these surface parking spaces. Creating a compatible prototype design that could transform to the different needs of the society and maintain a temporal quality that makes possible for the infrastructure to be available for the future needs of the city is critical in the research. The research also focuses on using ecologically sustainable methods and materials that could contribute to the environmental needs of the urban landscape. The reimagined spaces would serve dual purposes - parking lots for workers during the week and recreation areas, gardens and gathering places at nights and on weekends. Land + Living offers a bevy of imagery goodness accompanying a thoughtful description. Go there now.
· Sustainable Car Parks [Land + Living]