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Hard Liquor & Guns: Wal Mart Goes to Rosemead

Our least favorite Arkansas export, Wal Mart, is getting a harsh welcome in Rosemead. The Wal Mart approved by the City of Rosemead several years ago, and currently under construction, has somehow mutated into the sprawl mart of our nightmares, with 24-hour round-the-clock operations and hard liquor on sale.

Bob Bruesch, a Garvey School board member and former mayor of Rosemead who was part of Wal-Mart's initial approval process, says he has changed his mind about the store. The school board was suing city officials and demanding a new environmental impact report for the store, Bruesch said. "The Wal-Mart we approved four years ago was completely different than this," he said. "The one we approved would have been less than two-thirds the size of this one. We approved 16 to 18 hours of operation. This is 24-hours operation."

The Wal Mart approval has caused turmoil in the once tranquil San Gabriel Valley city, with two councilmen losing their jobs over their pro-Wal Mart stance and the mayor of the city, Jay Imperial, under threat of a recall election for his backing of the store.
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