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Rumblings & Bumblings: Mardi Gras Edition

[Bonjour! Laissez les bons temps roulee... It's Mardi Gras here at Curbed LA and everywhere for that matter. We hope all of you are having as much fun as we are. Today we have a few pressing question about stuff. But first we start with an answer to last week's daunting Atwater Village question. ]

Late Answer: Two readers buzzed in after time expired last week to answer the Atwater Village question about the restaurant going in at Los Feliz and Glenfeliz. Here's the answer from a drive-by tipster: "Just drove by the mysterious restaurant that's been teasing us in Atwater Village (at the corner of Glen Feliz by the golf course)... windows are still partially cover with paper... but the name of the place is 'Asia' and they already have the a pan-asian inspired menu up in a (not covered) window...the place looks ready to go and the bar stools are even in place...they must be opening soon." Thank you to both readers who were inspired to drive by the place and see what's up.

Now for this week's questions...

1) Koreatown: A reader asks: "Whatever happened to the MaDang Plaza? It was a planned as a Koreatown Grove and was originally scheduled to open in 2004. (See link) All that's up there now are boards in front of the site and a couple of industrial-looking white tanks. Is this project ever going to be built?"

2) Mid-Wilshire: A questioner finds some properties in need of redevelopment. "We know about the longterm redesign project going on at LACMA. But what's the status with both the Johnie's Coffee Shop (closed for, like, five years) and the vacant land (formerly Galladoro Restaurant) just next to it on the corner of Wilshire & Fairfax?"

3) Silver Lake/Los Feliz: We hope someone knows what's going in at Virgil and Delogpre. This deserves an answer. "I think that the Von's on the corner of the Sunset, Virgil, Hollywood Blvd, Franklin insanity is the last of the suburban type large businesses with a huge parking lot out front to be built in LA city core. That leads me to the question of what is going on directly behind the monstrosity at the corner of Virgil and De Longpre? It used to be a dentists office that didn't look like he or she was cleaning many teeth. Yet another failed entrepenuer. Ok, so what's going on at that corner? Another set of 48 unit live/work lofts, whatever that means? Just please not another surface parking lot for Cedars. You would think since the city gave them their own subway stop along with designing the interior of the station to look like the inside of an amoeba, or is it a spaceship? Either way, I know Cedars rallied for this design to look more "scientific". You'd think they'd stop building parking garages and issue both their employees and patients discounted metro passes."

4) Los Feliz: Unless things have changed, this was supposed to be a bank. Anyone have any updates? "What is going up at the corner of Hillhurst and Franklin in Los Feliz? It's been vacant for a while and the site is clearly being prepped for new construction but no signs have been posted announcing what's coming."

Happy Mardi Gras. And remember to send your questions and any answers to