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Ricci-Goldberg Estate Gets Staged

A couple of updates to our previous post on the Samuel-Navarro House and the Sowden House on sale in lovely Los Feliz. A reader made the trek to an open house for the Samuel-Navarro House and had this to say:

"Didn't you already have a report from a previous open house? I disagreed with whoever said it had a horrible redo by Ms. Ricci and "Beastie Boy" (according to Goldberg. All that was weird is the flocked wallpaper. When my husband and I went to see it the other week the realtor only very begrudgingly let us in with a big "oh, OK" sigh, as the last trail of obvious non-buyers were leaving. We offered a sheepish "we live in the neighborhood and love this house" when she agreed. True, but doesn't mean we can buy the place." Quite coincidentally, one of our realtor pals also emailed around the same time, with insider info on the place which should answer our reader question. "...since your informant's last visit, the place has been painted and staged! (However, I take no responsibility for its current state. I haven't seen it since the staging. But the white paint did help)." Ahh, yes. As we learned from the handsome gents at The Millenium Team, staging your home before selling is a prerequisite if your taste is, ummm, questionable or certifiably "celebrity eccentric."
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