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Apartment Therapy Goes Print

(image of wooden shingles in Santa Monica, via Apartment Therapy)

The kids over at Apartment Therapy have gone print with the wonderful world of interior design and shelter appreciation compiled in the new tome "Apartment Therapy : The Eight-Step Home Cure." Here's an excerpted passage from the book via MoCo Loco:

This excerpt sets the tone for The Eight Step Home Cure; "Despite good intentions, Americans have not only lost touch with how to create and maintain a healthy home, they have created new diseases such as clutter, disposophobia (the fear of letting go of things),and what I call movie theater and bowling alley syndrome. Like another national health issue, obesity, most of our household issues stem from the fact that we consume too much and work off too little." Loverly. We here at Curbed LA are also working on a book, actually its a screenplay - ok, its actually a poem. Ok, you got us, it's a dirty limerick. We're looking for a publisher.
· Apartment Therapy [MoCo Loco]