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Monday Afternoon Linkage

Long Beach may soon become another commercial hub in Southern California. With shrinking availability of office space in downtown L.A. and in the OC, commercial high rises may be the next phase of development in Long Beach.
· L.B.'s High-Rise Market Going Even Higher [Long Beach Press-Telegram]

The air in Burbank really is as bad as it looks. According to a study by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, Burbank’s air is the sixth sootiest in the nation. Yuck.
· Burbank Makes List of Sootiest Cities [L.A. Daily News]

The Vista del Arroyo Bungalows in Pasadena, once a retreat for wealthy Eastern and Midwestern families, are being restored after a many years of neglect and decay. The renovated bungalows are being turned into everyone’s favorite development du jour: luxury condominiums.
· Preservation Project Nears Completion [Pasadena Star-News]

Residents of the El Morro Village Trailer park, north of Laguna Beach, are finally being booted from what was probably the best trailer park in the country. The state bought the land a while ago in order to turn it into a park, but the residents’ leases are now up. The residents and everyone else can kiss those double-wide with ocean sunset views goodbye.
· A Farewell Wave to Beach Life [L.A. Times]